Monday, August 08, 2011

A cantillated Mishnah.

Here's a page of the 1553 Sabbioneta edition of Kiddushin, which included cantillation symbols for reading the Mishnah.

The editor explained on the title page that cantillation marks were added וכלפי מה שאמרו רז"ל סוף מסכת מגילה דהקורא בלא נעימה ושונה בלא זמרה עליו הכתוב אומר וגם אני נתתי להם חקים לא טובים ומשפטים לא יחיו בהם נתאזר עז לתת הטעמ"ים במשני"ות כדי להחזיר העטרה ליושנה וצדקה וטוב וחיים יהיה לנו כי נשמור ללמוד המשניות כאשר צוו אותנו חכמינו ז"ל.


  1. Do you have any sources for what melodies were used for these Mishna trop?

  2. Wow! I had seen it in Geniza MSS, but never in a printed edition!

  3. EZZIE:

    not really that rough. he gives you the main tropen, i.e., the higher mafsikim, and with a bit of knowledge concerning trop it isn't difficult to fill in the rest of the trop.
    keep in mind that the system for trop symbols (and nikkud in general) was originally much more simple than what we have today. this mishnah text represents--intentionally or not i don't know--an earlier period when mss. contained a simplified trop in general, and sometimes lacked mesharesim altogether (as does the present text and as did iirc babylonian texts?)

    curiously in this mishnah text there is no siluk and he seems to use the esnachta for this purpose?

    there are a number of examples of mishnah fragments with nikkud from the cairo (and leningrad?) geniza.

  4. actually looking at it a little closer some of the trop seems a bit funny?

    also, he didn't follow through with his intentions for the entire masechet?

  5. this is old news Yehoshua Boaz did this when he printed his gemara
    actually this is probably the gemara, don't have time to check but he lived in sovyonetta

  6. ok a bit more time now. I want to add that Boaz didn't put trop in every masechta, only the first few. See Ma'amar Hadfasat HaTalmud

  7. the mishnayoth are and where recited in Maqam Nawah

  8. I just saw in kovetz igros from rav Gifter (just added to Hebrewbooks) pg 47 where he writes exactly this, that he saw in one of the kadmonim that the gemorrah in megilla שונה בלא זמרה means that they had trup in mishnayos, but he forgot where he saw it.

    What a coincidence! :)

  9. Jr, is there such a thing as a coincidence?!

    Thanks for that reference. Interesting. Tiferes Yisrael says it in a couple of places.

    Aharon F,

    Now that I think about it I've heard hazanim recite Bameh Madlikin like that. I just know nothing about maqams, so I don't know really know exactly what they are doing.



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