Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yeshiva bochurim in Radin: "Feed us, or we won't learn." JTA 12/29/1933

Talmudic Scholars at Radin Yeshiva on Strike for Food

Dateline: Warsaw

A unique strike was declared here today by the students of the Radin Yeshiva, a Jewish theological seminary.

The students announced that they would refrain from participation in Talmud study, the chief occupation at the Yeshiva, so long as they are not provided with food.

The Radin Yeshiva was founded by the late "Chofetz Chaim", aged Jewish scholar and sage who died a short time ago. Since his death officials in charge of the Yeshiva have been unable to provide the students with food. As long as the "Chofetz Chaim" was alive, his enormous prestige among orthodox Jews and the world-wide recognition of his saintly character brought heavy contributions to the Yeshiva, which appear to have stopped on his death.

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