Monday, August 30, 2010

Yom Kippur Kattan coming to an Orthodoxy near you? The new Artscroll siddur.

As far as I can tell Garnel was the first to notice that the Koren Sacks Siddur appears to have generated the first new Artscroll siddur with translation in decades - the Wasserman Edition.

It includes:
  • An original new Overview
  • Yom Kippur Kattan
  • Megillas Esther, Ruth and Koheles
  • Perek Shirah
  • Six Constant Mitzvos
  • Iggeres HaRamban
  • Prayer of the Holy Sh'lah
  • Prayer at the Holy places in Israel
  • A new special section: The Laws, Customs, and Prayers in the Land of Israel


  1. The inclusion of "laws of Israel" make it pretty clear it's meant as competition for Koren.

    But aimed at Modern Orthodox? I don't see anything about prayers for the State of Israel, etc.

    Artscroll is also creating a new RCA siddur to appeal to MO.

    Of course, Artscroll is vastly discounting their new siddur. They're not above competing like a business. Nothing wrong with that...except they're a non-profit, but whatever.

  2. S.: I used a copy of the Wasserman Siddur last week and it is really terrific. The size of the book. The familiarity with the text. The fullness of text, commentary, translation on the page. It's a perfect-sized siddur for a tallis bag!!

  3. My Hungarian grandfather was a devoted adherent of Yom Kippur Katan (the one at the end of Av), and for a number of years our shul had a special minyan for it, but I've barely heard a whisper about it for the last 35 years or so. How clever of ArtScroll to have discovered the one feature that Koren-Sacks lacked! It will be interesting to see if YKK will now make a popular comeback.

  4. Menachem, how's the paper?

  5. Including Megillas Esther was a great idea.

  6. Popped over from Garnel's comments. Megillas Esther a great idea? Dunno. For once a year (ok, twice on Purim), I can find those 3 megillos in the back of a chumash or remember to bring my chamesh megillos book with me to shul. I don't see these as much of a bonus as they just weigh the thing down every other day of the year.

  7. There are many occasional things in siddurim that can be removed. I can see Megillas Esther being a pain if it were put into the place in Shacharit where it is recited, causing you to skip it every day except for that once a year. But I doubt the few extra pages are really that troublesome.

  8. The new all-Hebrew Koren siddur will have all five megillot, I think.

  9. S., what else would you cut out from a siddur on the basis of infrequent usage? I've noticed that between the oldest siddur in my personal library and the newest, the standards change drastically. For example, all of the ones I own from prior to Artscroll include ALL permutations of the Amidah, including all three differing texts for Yom Kippur (no chazaras hasha"tz though). Then Artscroll comes along, removes that, and adds a huge list of things traditionally set in a separate volume, such as assorted selichos, yotzeros, and other piyutim. However, they remove the Y"N Amidos.



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