Monday, June 21, 2010

The sad fate of the owner of a biography of Rabbi Akiva Eger.

Here is the title page of a copy of the 1875 book Vollständige Biographie des Rabbi Akiba Eger by Salomon Lewyson, which Google scanned from Harvard's library:

I was curious. Who was Hermann Scheftelowitz, teacher and cantor in Cosel? I couldn't find out much, but I did learn from this site that he was born in 1882 and died a WWI soldier in 1917. His name appears in the 1932 book Die jüdischen Gefallenen des deutschen Heeres.


  1. Do you know what Lehrer ? Kanter, Gosel O.-S. means?

  2. I included it in the post.

    Lehrer = teacher
    Kantor - chazan
    Gosel O.-S. = Cosel, a place in Germany, also known as Kronprinz. I'm not sure what OS stands for, but it's probably a geographical identifier, like Frankurt AM (am Main) or Frankfurt AO (am Oder), which are the names of rivers which these two cities with the same names are located next to.

  3. There is a certain melancholy pathos in this post.


  4. ah... all the jews who gave their lives for the faterland...all in vain. the heart cries.

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  6. Hi. I live in Cosel (Koźle, in Polish). It was a small town in Germany until 1945. Now this is a part of city Kędzierzyn-Koźle in Poland, Opole voivodship. O.S. means Oberschlesien (Polish: Górny Śląsk), this is the name of historical region.



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