Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome Chabad-Revisited

Chabad-Revisited seems like a worthy, relatively new Jewish history blog of quality, both in content and aesthetics.

Here's a post to start off with, about the newly released volume Treasures of the Chabad Library, a sample of which is available here (Hebrew).

As it happens, I read about this on Hagahot last week (link) and noticed some interesting things in the sample. Here's something from it which I'd never seen before, namely a younger picture of the Rogachover (only in the Hebrew sampler):

For comparison:


  1. The book is in fact a compendium (or rather, a selection) of the Chabad library's publications over the past many years. This picture particularly has actually been used in Chabad circles for a while already.

    One notable feature of the picture: the 'Rogotchover' has a haircut (just some overgrown פיאות)!

  2. interesting book and very reasonably priced for this type of work.
    but it could have used a copy editor. also more importantly from my POV is lack of bibliographic data for each item. collation? measurements? imprint? medium? references? this is a severe chisaron.

    i've used the library extensively. an unbeleivable treasure.

  3. bibliographical data is available here:



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