Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Jewish Ideas Daily

No one is paying me to do this. In fact, someone associated with the site emailed me to promote it a little while ago (albeit I have reason to think he just sent it to his address book, not that he marked me specifically). I finally took a look at it, and lo and behold it's actually a really nice site with some interesting content. So go check out Jewish Ideas Daily . com.


  1. There are many nice sites out there, but what does this site have to do with your blog? The closest thing I could come up with is the ad for

  2. Nothing. I still reserve the right to post whatever I want to.

  3. Oh, I see it now, B. A. Review.

  4. Biblical Archaeology

  5. That's today's link. I had planned to post this a few days ago.

    Dunno. Something about it I like, including the look of the site.

  6. Take a look at the account of "Founding Father" Benjamin Rush's attendance at a Jewish wedding. It's the kind of thing that does get posted here.



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