Monday, February 22, 2010

Vos tut zich, Gesenius?

I don't think Gesenius had a problem with Jews, but I doubt he'd want it claimed that his first language was Yiddish!

From this strange book.


  1. The linked book is clearly a missionary tract. Hence, it's not strange, just ignorant and obnoxious.

  2. I haven't looked in the book yet, but I was struck by this sentence from the blurb:

    "The Old Testament is as explicit about the Trinity and the deity of the Messiah as is the New Testament"

    That's certainly true, but maybe not in the way the author had in mind...

  3. can u tell us what you do to earn money? what is your profession? since it seems u must constantly be searching for, and then reading, and eventually writing all this material. i just dont see how you have time to do a real job. thnx

  4. The excerpt, with the word "other," is claiming Gesenius, and possibly other grammarians, was an Ashkenazi Jew. Either that, or it was very badly written.

    Anonymous, you yourself should know that with anonymity you can do whatever you want. I've wondered about this too and concluded that Mississippi Fred MacDowell is actually a committee. If you think about this gematriatically, it's pretty obvious. Unless, of course, it isn't obvious to you, in which case you probably shouldn't be delving into this.



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