Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Second Azaryah de Rossi


  1. This is an encomium on the title page of a book, dedicated to R. Solomon J. L. Rapoport, whom it dubs Rabbi Azaryahu, Enlightener of Eyes, the Second (Enlightener of Eyes, of course, being a reference to the first's Sefer Me'or Enayim).

  2. so there's 2 kuzaris, 2 masaot r' binyamin, 2 yashars, and now 2 de rossis.

  3. >2 kuzaris

    3 Kuzaris.

    1. R' Yehuda HaLevi
    2. Mateh Dan (Kuzari Sheni)
    3. R' Yitzhak Breuer (Kuzari Hadash)

  4. Thanks Chardal, I didn't know about R' Breuer.

    Let's also not forget Moreh Nevuchei Hazman from Krochmal.

    I should have said 2 Meor Enyaims..but really there is a third I can think of, but the third-authored by R' Nachum of Chernobyl- is far from the others ideologically.

  5. lawrence kaplan

    Actually, there are -- at least! --five Kuzaris. In addition to the three listed by chardal, see Mordecai Dickman, Derekh Shalom: Kuzari Shelishi; and James Kugel (yes, that Kugel), On Being a Jew: An American Kuzari.

  6. There are also three Binyamin the Travelers (although the third is only a fictional character -- created by Mendele Mocher Seforim).

  7. And the newly published "Lenvuchei hazman" from R' Kook.

    Back in my day, the student guide at YU was called that too.



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