Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 1850s Vilna Biur with the names of the Tzemach Tzedek and R. Itzele Volozhiner in it.

Here's the title page from the 1850s Vilna edition of Mendelssohn's Biur (vol. 2) printed by the Romm Press:

While I'm sure most readers wouldn't necessarily expect to see the names הרב ר' מנחם נ"י מק"ק ליובאוויטש and הרב המנוח ר"י דוואלאזין, among the more famous of these names, another page gives some further context:

But on the other hand, we shouldn't let assumptions and prejudices guide us either. Below are some remarks in Max Lilienthal's biography, which the aforementioned הרב המנוח ר"י דוואלאזין made to him concerning the way his famous yeshiva was run (he is "the rabbi" and "Rabbi Lebele" is the Neziv):

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