Tuesday, November 03, 2009

R. Jonathan Eybeschutz on Wessely

I've referred to interesting comments regarding Wessely's commentary to Leviticus which are found in Moses Mendelssohn (Hamburger)'s book פני תבל: מוסר השכל (Amsterdam, 1872), but I finally have a chance to post them directly.

Later he discusses Wessely's writings in general (below) and be sure to read the last line to see who, as of that writing -- he died in 1861 -- was in possession of Wessely's manuscripts.

R. Samson Rafael Hirsch was his nephew. See the following from pg. 108:

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  1. Here, I'll help you out on this one:

    For a broader contextualization of Wessely, see Edward Breuer, “Naftali Hirz Wessely and the Cultural Dislocations of an Eighteenth-Century Maskil,” in David Sorkin and Shmuel Feiner, eds., New Perspectives on the Haskalah (Littmann Library, 2001) 27-47. The sources cited for this blog are drawn from notes 1 and 17.



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