Friday, October 02, 2009

Have a wonderful Jontef.

Sorry for being MIA all week. I have some pretty interesting posts coming up, if I do say so myself.

Some interesting Sukkos stuff:

This is found on pp. 270-1 of a review article titled "Robert's Corrections of various Passages in the English Version of the Old Testament," in the Critical Review, or, Annals of Literature Vol. 17 (1796).


This is commandments 168 and 9 respectively in Johannes Leusden's Sexcenta & Tredecim Praecepta Mosaica by Moses Maimonides (ie, Rambam's Sefer Ha-mitvos).


This witty paragraph is from a column called Anecdotes in The Monthly Mirror, pg. 143 of the 1796 volume.


This account of the annual atrog trade in Leghorn (Livorno), Italy is in "Travels in the two Sicilies (in the years 1777-79)," Vol. 2, by Henry Swinburne.


This is from a footnote in vol. 2 of a Dutch machzor from 1791 called "Gebeden der Portugeesche Jooden."


An dictionary/ encylopedia entry from 1774. In vol. 6 of "Nieuw en volkomen woordenboek van konsten en weetenschappen," by Egbert Buys. The entry is called Loofhutten Feest, or, Feest der Tabernakelen.


Bernardo Jose Aldrete's 1614 work "Varias antiguedades de Espana, Africa y otras provincias." I mainly included it because it the turn of phrase "Elias Thesbites declarando" is quite fun.


This excerpt is from a multi-volume 1766 work called Jewish Antiquities by David Jennings.

Be well!

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