Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Misna-Bs Traut Hakad-AnP Tal=Mis-Gema Tal-jerig Tal-Bug; or, how to memorize Talmudic trivia.

People have been trying to devise techniques and mnemonic devices for memory for a very long time (I don't remember how long).

Here's a book from 1732 or so called Memoria technica, or, a New Method of Artificial Memory* by Richard Gray (and reprinted many times).

With the aid of this book you could memorize many things. From the table of contents:

Everything you wanted to memorize about the MISNA, GEMARA, TALMUD:

Gray left the heavy lifting to R. Samuel Rabbinowitz, author of המזכיר והוא ספר הסימנים על תלמוד בבלי וארבעה חלקי השו"ע

* . . . Applied to and exemplified in Chronology, History, Geography, Astronomy. Also Jewish, Grecian and Roman Coins, Weights, and Measures &c. With Tables proper to the respective Sciences ; and Memorial Lines adapted to each Table.

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