Wednesday, March 11, 2009

R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz in a beautiful book from 1773

Merely a few weeks ago I titled a post R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz in a nearly contemporary German periodical , the reference being to an article from 1792. I found an earlier and more interesting book called Abbildungen böhmischer und mährischer Gelehrten und Kunstler, which would seem to mean something like "Pictures of Czech and Moravian scholars and artists," and that is indeed what the book contains.

Published in 1773 in Prague, this beautiful book contains many portraits with short discussions about their subjects. Apart from the (token?) two rabbis, I confess that the only one I recognized was John Huss.

The rabbis are Prague Chief Rabbi David Oppenheim and Chief Rabbi of the so-called "Three Communities,"Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbek, Jonathan Eybeschutz (here the name is spelled "Ionathan Eibenschitz."

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His section lists his publications:

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Here is R. David Oppenheim:

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Incidentally, the artist seems to be either "J. Kleinhardt" and/ or "J. Balzer." Anyone have information they can share?

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  1. Both drawings are for sale on ebay see item 220579194050 for one, thanks for the article!



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