Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to become a great 18th century English Hebrew scholar in six to eight weeks

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From The Monthly Review, vol. 24, 1797. Review of George Benjoin's translation of Jonah.


An example of the attitude scorned here:

TO BEGINNERS IN HEBREW t LAt aside all jrerrifyrrig thoughts of its diffi and resolve to give no ear to any sneers or prejudices that may be thrown in your way however it may be represented as a needless unprofitable and barren study 2 MCaJj the pursuit of it a pleasant recreation i 40lft iifap o s6 jt rt yOurself asatask Beassur e cT tnat th is g Tqrio us knowledge is not only easier to IJ cib f ame d Ihah L qtin CneJc Frenchj ot Geogra yV bvif tis likewise more easy than many of the recreatkins that are pursued with eager VlB y ouf g pe6ple in tlii

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