Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bochurim, 'Remember! Your blood is no redder than the blood of others.' A message to Israeli yeshiva bochurim from E. E. Urbach and others, 1967

I found the following interesting message to the yeshiva bochurim of Israel from an English periodical from 1967 called Steps at Steps issued from the "Movement For Torah Judaism," based in Jerusalem, and the articles apparrently are from their Hebrew publications He-hadash yitkadesh we-ha-kadosh yithaddesh ("The New will be Sanctified and the Sainted Renewed") and Mehalechim ("Steps"). The former name (He-hadash etc.) was coined, I think, by Professor E. E. Urbach in his speech at the dedication of the Hebrew University in 1925. Articles in this publication were written by Urbach, Eliezer Shimshon Rosenthal and others. You can read the opening address by Urbach at the Movement for Torah Judaism's initial meeting here.

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