Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rabbi Chid"a and chocolate

In R. Haim Jos. David Azulay's travelog מעגל טוב there is an interesting passage (one of many) which records events that took place on January 6-7, 1766:

"We departed from Nice at noon . . . and crossed two mountains and a hill . . . we came upon a mountain with such deep snow that we could even stand; us and all of our things sank into the snow. So we hired four gentiles to assist us . . . It was a sunny day and I was wearing two samaras2 and two pairs of socks, but even so I was in great distress from the cold. It was a good thing I had chocolate with me - I ate more than a litre!

1 The title is from Proverbs 2.9.
2 Spanish sheepskin coats

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