Monday, January 21, 2008

Wolf Heidenheim as antiquarian, in a Feldheim book about Chasam Sofer

Here's an interesting excerpt from a book about Chasam Sofer called The Light From the West, published by Feldheim.* The author is Selig Schachnowitz, about who is described on the book jacket as: "Famed author and editor Rabbi Zelig Schachnowitz," the following info is given:

This book seems to have originally been published in 1933 as Licht aus dem Western, seemingly by the original Agudath Israel (Agudas Jisroel-Jungendgruppe) and the present work is the translation into English from 1969, by Joseph Leftwich.

In any event, this excerpt concerns R. Nathan Adler (this one, not this one) and Wolf Heidenheim.

Bony or not, here is an image of Heidenheim (from here):

* In this "new, revised edition," 'Selig' is spelled 'Zelig.'

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