Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I never say "ontological" (and I try to dial back on the "mimetic")*

"If the obscurantists are not yet shaking in their feet, once they see our ever-forthcoming translation of the Arukh ha-Shulhan, which will bring back the 1950’s and the “mimetic tradition”, this will put them in their place."

"For a while I thought that I could impress those ever-impressionable Shabbat guests by pointing out that contrary to what the Arscroll siddur, p. 807, states, R. Eleazar Kalir was not a tanna. But again, this is not something that most people care about. Besides, someone always ended up pointing out that no less than Tosafot claims that he was a tanna, and my protestations about what Shir proved were always met with blank stares, for what does a Prague song have to do with anything?"

Good post with a hilarious introduction by Marc Shapiro, at Seforim.

* Not that I'm a Modern Orthodox intellectual.

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