Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dinei mamonot or nefashot?

I don't normally do this, but since its my blog, its my platform. With regards to a recent, still-developing kashruth scandal, I was thinking of Mishna Sanhedrin 4:1:

דִּינֵי מָמוֹנוֹת הַכֹּל מְלַמְּדִין זְכוּת וְחוֹבָה, וְדִינֵי נְפָשׁוֹת הַכֹּל מְלַמְּדִין זְכוּת וְאֵין הַכֹּל מְלַמְּדִין חוֹבָה

In Dinei Mamonot anyone may speak on behalf of acquittal or condemnation, while in Dinei Nefashot anyone may speak on behalf of acquittal but not everyone may speak on behalf of condemnation.

I'm not certain in this case whether its dinei mamonot or dinei nefashot. It might be the latter, in which case unanimous is not a good thing.

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