Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Yated's scrapbook

This article, which Wolf posts about, proceeds from the premise that half of whatever is currently accepted in science is in reality false and will later be shown to be so to discredit science in toto (we are definitely not in Kansas anymore). The contrast, naturally, is between things like the "four categories of damagers — arba ovos nezikin (Bava Kama 2a)," which will not be revised in ten years.

The article lists several examples to illustrate this point.

  1. the recent demotion of Pluto
  2. a marine report from December 1994
  3. an undated Biblical Archaeology Review story (its muttar to read that?) about the Qumran community
  4. a New York Times article about from August about poisonous fish
  5. a declaration from American Association of Pediatrics from about two years ago
I can't help but imagine someone from the Yated family scouring the newspapers and magazines for such treasured finds. Perhaps he pastes them into a scrapbook.

Ad kan
the leytzanus. In fairness, the same article makes the point that "If someone is a doctor, or an astronomer, or a professional oceanographer, or an archaeologist, then of course he or she must learn the conventional wisdom of their field." It just wants "we," meaning haredim, to have no part in those fields.

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