Thursday, July 27, 2006

Newly published 2nd volume Writings of the Wuerzberger Rav

Just passing this along.


Announcing publication of "Kisvey Rabbeinu Yitzchak Dov Halevi
Me-Wuerzburg" (Volume 2) based on newly discovered manuscripts of
Rabbi Seligman Baer Bamberger of Wuerzburg (1807 - 1878) "The Wuerzburger Rav".

The present volume is divided into six sections and includes Rav
Bamberger's novellae on Talmud (Babylonia) , Mikvaoth (Ritual Baths)
, "Koreh B'emmeth" explanations on "Al Tikris" in Talmud and
commentaries, also letters and correspondence of the Rabbi, his sons,
Rabbinic contemporaries and his disciples.

A few copies of volume I is also available.

To order send $ 35.00/each ppd to:
Rabbi B. Bamberger
109 West Penn Street
Long Beach, NY 11561-4040


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