Friday, November 11, 2005

Am I the 'heir' of the great Godol Hador? GH said I could be; there is a discussion about it at DovBear.

The truth is, there are numerous differences between me and GH, and our respective blogs. There is plenty of common ground as well.

This post is just a marker. On the weekend I plan to post more about this, analyzing my own blog and purpose and contrasting it with GH's--and a separate post in tribute of the great Godol Hador blog (yes, I know that's like saying the Godol Hador Godol blog).

Also, stay tuned for some new j-blog info that cannot be disclosed right now.

A good shabbos to all, and remember to spend time on our father Avraham and the rich sidra of the week this shabbos.

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