Friday, October 14, 2005

Yom Ha-kippurim reflection

  1. Yom Kippur was awesome. I find that as I get older the fasting really helps create a proper mood, for one thing. For another, despite lousy weather, it was a cleansing experience exactly as it should be, or as a mikva should be (mikva does nothing for me that I notice). I also found that the more I struggle with, if not faith per se then auxiliary issues during the year, the more I feel like I have a right to sit in shul in a tallis and kittul for an entire night and day, and the more affective tefillah is for me (that "affective" with an "a").
  2. I am an anonymous blogger and plan to stay that way. Other than my wife I don't know if a single person knows I'm me. Which means, also, that out in the cold, real world I don't talk much about blogs. Which means that I don't know J-bloggers 'in real life', or at least I don't know if I do. But yesterday after mussaf a fellow in shul and I got to talking and he asked me some questions about certain issues that are regularly raised in the J-blogosphere, and we had an interesting conversation. Now, I don't think I have a scarlet B on my forehead and it didn't really come off like he was fishing for anything. I wonder if he is a blogger--even a blogger that I 'know'. In fact, I wonder if I know any of you folks out there. Hmm.

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