Thursday, June 16, 2005

Are there rishonim who are out of the masora loop?

Someone writes
"to have a valid opinion on these issues [ikkarei emunah ed.], one must be familiar with the corpus of masorah in the Torah she be al Peh before one's opinion can be accepted as masoras Yisroel. The Rambam, Raavad and Ramban clearly qualify; the Ibn Ezra and Ralbag do not. (I know some are going to be set off by this, but no matter the value of their contribution to Biblical scholarship and parshanut, they are not baalei masorah.) When one eliminates these views, the number of those who are truly cholek on the Rambam dwindles even more."
The way I read that is "those Rishonim suck because they can't be successfuly reread as 21st century Chareidim".

Or is there any justification for the idea that Ibn Ezra and Ralbag are not "accepted as masoras Yisroel"?

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